Coup contrecoup, also known as coup countercoup, is a specific type of traumatic brain injury (TBI). The term is derived from the French words that effectively translate to ‘blow’ and ‘counterblow,’ or backlash, and similar terms have been used to describe injuries since the 4th century.

In a coup contrecoup collision, the force of the blow causes the brain to move back and forth due to the extreme acceleration and deceleration. ‘Coup’ refers to the initial place of impact, and ‘contrecoup’ refers to the area opposite the impact, where the brain will strike second.

After a family member suffers a traumatic brain injury like coup contrecoup, it can have a significant impact on your life. In this blog, we’ll walk you through what you should know about coup contrecoup, and how an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve. 

What Causes Coup Contrecoup?

Coup contrecoup is typically caused when an object forcefully hits the skull. This type of traumatic brain injury typically occurs during motor vehicle crashes, bicycle accidents, and sports injuries. However, a person could suffer coup contrecoup in many different circumstances, even from a simple fall.

How is Coup Contrecoup Diagnosed?

Coup contrecoup is a serious type of traumatic brain injury, and prompt diagnosis is crucial for recovery. All traumatic brain injuries like coup contrecoup require that patients be monitored and evaluated for trauma, and patients may need life-support as they undergo examinations or brain scans. 

Doctors and trauma specialists typically will assess and diagnose brain injuries with neuroimaging scans such as MRI or CT scans. Additionally, following the TBI, physicians and trauma specialists may use the Glasgow Coma Scale to accurately assess the extent of the injury. 

How TBIs like Coup Contrecoup are Treated

How a coup contrecoup injury is treated will depend on the severity of the injury. Less intense injuries may simply require monitoring and follow-up imaging; however, severe cases may require emergency surgery to reduce swelling and drain fluid (or blood) from the skull, and antiepileptic medications to prevent seizures.

Coup Contrecoup Symptoms

A coup contrecoup brain injury can be one of the most catastrophic types of traumatic brain injury. This is largely due to the fact that the two impacts the brain suffers can cause dangerous bleeding and swelling.

For most people, a coup contrecoup injury will cause vision problems, headaches, and can lead to mood changes for several weeks or months after the impact. Additionally, coup contrecoup can lead to permanent disability and changes to a person’s cognitive ability. Without a fast diagnosis and timely treatment, TBIs like coup contrecoup can lead to devastating outcomes such as coma or death.

How Coup Contrecoup Injuries can Impact Your Life

When someone you love sustains a traumatic brain injury, it can have a profound impact on your lives. When survived, TBIs like coup contrecoup can cause long-lasting neurological problems such as memory loss, behavioral changes, and cognitive difficulties.

The mental and emotional strain that your family endures following coup contrecoup is a massive burden. You may find that once-simple daily tasks are now challenging and can no longer be taken for granted. Combined with the potential for hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical costs, these injuries can leave families saddled with mountains of debt.

To recover from life-altering injuries like coup contrecoup traumatic brain injuries, families need to receive compensation that will not only cover the medical costs associated with the injury, but also for the pain and suffering and loss of normal life they’ve experienced in the past and are reasonably certain to experience in the future. 

A Trusted Lawyer Can Ease Your Family’s Burden

Receiving the appropriate compensation following such a traumatic event is essential to your family’s livelihood. Sadly, you can’t rely on an insurance company to willingly cover medical expenses, and common car insurance policies only provide up to $100,000 in coverage, which could still leave a significant portion of your total medical costs.

Additionally, traumatic brain injuries are often very challenging to prove in court. Because of this, it’s essential to seek legal help if you’re considering making a claim.

A trusted lawyer like Brian Lewis can fight for your rights and help you receive the compensation you deserve. With decades of experience representing adults and children in all types of personal injury matters, Brian Lewis understands how to establish fault, prove negligence, calculate non-economic damages (like loss of normal life), and ultimately win the damages that your family is owed.

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