3 Insurance Tips That Will Save You Heartache and Get You More Money

Over the past few years, our team has noticed some alarming trends in car crash cases. We keep seeing the same pitfalls. Fortunately, we can protect ourselves against many of these problems. Here are some steps you can take to save money, heartbreak, and stress in the event of a car crash in Illinois. 

1. Purchase Underinsured/Uninsured Coverage

Hands down, this is the number one thing you can do to protect yourself!

It is very common in Illinois for drivers to have the minimum state-required insurance of $25,000. That means if someone is negligent and hits you, the most you will be able to recover from them is $25,000. After paying back medical liens, subrogation claims, case costs and attorneys’ fees, you might end up with $7,000-$8,000, and nothing more. 

However, if you purchase Underinsured Motorist Coverage (“UIM”), you will be able to make a claim (i.e. get more money) when the other driver is underinsured.  $100,000 of UIM is the absolute minimum we recommend you purchase. To adequately protect yourself and your family members, however, you should seriously consider getting $500,000 of UIM coverage. It is cheap protection that will protect your most important asset – your family. 

2. Purchase Umbrella Coverage

Umbrella Insurance Coverage is one of the best things you can own. It gets added on top of your existing insurance policy to provide more money in case you are injured.  For only a few hundred dollars a year (yes, that’s all), you can get $1 million of umbrella coverage which goes a long way after a car accident.  Just make sure that your new umbrella policy applies when the other driver is underinsured or has no insurance at all.

3. Don’t Trust The Big Insurance Companies You See On TV

Insurance is a big business, so it’s understandable that the popular insurance companies that advertise on TV and during football games spend millions to lure you in. When these companies say they can save you hundreds of dollars on your insurance, be wary.  Their goal is to get as many customers as they can. They’ll say and do anything to sign you up. But that doesn’t mean they have your best interests at heart. Those well-known companies don’t care if you are adequately protected, but you will certainly care if the most money you can recover is $7,000-$8,000 after a car crash. Saving a little bit of money on your monthly premiums is very shortsighted.  Spend slightly more to get good coverage. 

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